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let's do something crazy just for FUN!


"Ray: Every story has and end.  But in life, every ending is just a new beginning". 

~ Uptown Girls


"If you have a problem, deal with it or do something....."
~ daco

"Nobody notices what we do, until we don't do it". 
~ daco


"Soy como el turrón, como la trufa de chocolate; dura por fuera, pero dulce y tierna por dentro...pero, muy dentro". 
~ daco



SI, al final del día con quien dormimos todas las noches y con despertamos a cada amanecer es con nosotros mismo.

Yes, at the end of the day who we sleep with together every night and who we wake up to a new sunshine day is with ourself.



Amo esos momentos magicos, son cortos,  pero maravillosos.
I love those magic moments, are tiny, but wonderful.


Avanza Press


Super Bowl XLV Halftime
The Black Eyed Peas were the halftime performers with the bright outfit made the spectacle so much entertaining show.  Then from the stage show up Slash who played "Sweet Child 'O Mine" with Fergie singing.  And from the sky just falling down, Mr. Sir Usher, the sweetest and hottest guy on stage, was hilarious show with him dancing and jumping; I loved his white and sparkle outfit too.  

There were people dancing on lighter suits, as the performers as well.  Galactic and future theme.  The stage at the first time, I thought was like error, there was sense at all.  But then through the show continuos, from the wide view I could read "LOVE" wish were the song "Where is the Love", so everything has sense.  Good Show Guys. Thanx.
Green Bay Packers
Todo por el trofeo Vince Lombardi.  Vale la pena.
Everything for Vince Lombardi Trophy.  It worth it.




Across the Universe


dwight howard

Dwight Howard, #12 Orlando Magic

Buenos brazos, lindos hombros, sonrisa coqueta ;D ...buen juego campeón.
Good arms, nice shoulders, great smile ;D ...good game champ.


"No, nena. Sin llorar, ni se te ocurra derramar una gota de lágrima si no es por felicidad.  Llora por la muerte de un gato, los gatos siempre dan felicidad". 
~ daco



bon appetit

Hoy no me levante muy inspirada, en la mañana tuve una discusión que me puse de mal humor.  Cuando me llego el hambre lo único en que pensé fue en una buena comida que combinara con un Pinot Noir que ya me estaba saboreando.  

Abrí mi refrigerador y lo primero que salto a la vista era un vaso pequeño de aceite de olivo con alguna clase de chile y una bolitas de queso de cabra.  Luego corte algunas rodajas de pan artesanal con olivas para tostarlas un poco.  

Mientras esperaba puse en el comal una pechuga de pollo con hueso sazonada solo con sal y pimienta, luego imagine unas naranjas que luego exprimí encima.

El pan ya tostado mi brincó del hornito, lo unté con las bolitas de queso, lo bañe con el aceite añejado con especias y lo mordí con delicadeza.......ese momento cambió mi día.  

Para ese momento ya había destapado la botella, así que serví un sorbo sobre una de mis copas favoritas, me hacen recordar los días de María Antonieta en Versalles; lo único que falta cada vez que las tomo son esos fabulosos pastelitos cremosos o crujientes, coloridos, espolvoreados y pecaminosos.

Casi al final de la preparación de mi comida, pensé en documentarlo.  Fueron momentos de gloria.  Dejaré restos de mi felicidad con ustedes.  Espero que esten disfrutando de días lindos, que tengan más de buenos días como estos, dicho sea de paso.

(I'll try to explain in perfect words my day as I did in spanish).
Today I got up bed with almost no inspiration, this morning I had a fight wish got me in a bad mood.  When I felt hungry the only thing I though was a very good meal to combine with my Pinot Noir wish I was savoring in my mouth.   

I went to my refrigerator and the first thing bring out was a little cup with olive oil with spices with some kind of pepper and a small balls of bree cheese.  Then I sliced the knife over the artesian bread with olives to be light toast.

While I was waiting the bread, I put on the stove the comal and then a chicken piece seasoned with salt and black pepper, then I imagine some oranges so I cooked with the juice.

The bread was ready jumped out from the toaster, I spread on it the small bree cheese balls, I used the olive oil all over the warm toasted piece with spices and then I bit it with smoothness.....that moment flip my day.

At that moment I was opened the bottle of wine, so I served a sip on one of my favorite wine glass, It remains me that days Marie Antoinette in Versalles; the only thing left is the dessert, those fabulous little creamy cakes, others crunchy, colorful and sinful.

Almost done my dreaming meal, I realized to documented the moment.  Were moments of glory.  I left rests of my happiness to you.  I hope you were enjoying these day, I wish you will have more of good days like these, by the way.



Nada mal para una niña.
Not bad for a girl.