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Super Bowl XLV Halftime
The Black Eyed Peas were the halftime performers with the bright outfit made the spectacle so much entertaining show.  Then from the stage show up Slash who played "Sweet Child 'O Mine" with Fergie singing.  And from the sky just falling down, Mr. Sir Usher, the sweetest and hottest guy on stage, was hilarious show with him dancing and jumping; I loved his white and sparkle outfit too.  

There were people dancing on lighter suits, as the performers as well.  Galactic and future theme.  The stage at the first time, I thought was like error, there was sense at all.  But then through the show continuos, from the wide view I could read "LOVE" wish were the song "Where is the Love", so everything has sense.  Good Show Guys. Thanx.
Green Bay Packers
Todo por el trofeo Vince Lombardi.  Vale la pena.
Everything for Vince Lombardi Trophy.  It worth it.


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